Grayling CEE Outlook Report 2024

CEE AT A GLANCE: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The political scene in CEE is buzzing with likelihood of change and anticipation of future elections. Political elites and business from CEE are closely monitoring the European and US elections, which will have a significant impact on the political and economic landscape within the region. To provide more light on the matter, our expert teams have prepared the Grayling 2024 Outlook for CEE Report, summarising the key events in 2023 and forecasting the possible changes in 2024, and the years to come.

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Fiscal Bulletin - New fiscal and budgetary measures to ensure Romania's long-term financial sustainability

Law no. 296/2023 on some fiscal and budgetary measures to ensure Romania's long-term financial sustainability was published in the Official Gazette no. 977/27.10.2023. Relevant highlights: Tax measures: • Minimum turnover tax; • Additional tax for credit institutions; • Additional tax for companies operating in the oil and gas sectors; • Microenterprise tax; • Income tax; • Social security contributions; • Special tax on immovable and movable property of high value; • VAT; • Excise duties. Measures to strengthen financial and fiscal discipline: • General implementation of RO e-Invoice system • Implementation of RO e-Seal system. Measures to ensure tax compliance: • Measures to prevent and combat illegal economic activities; • Strengthening financial discipline and combating tax evasion; • Elimination of the possibility to pay half of the minimum fine. To read more, please download the .pdf attached.

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Regulatory Radar


Propunere legislativă pentru modificarea Legii nr.38/2003 privind transportul în regim de taxi şi în regim de închiriere B109/2024

Stadiu: inregistrat pentru dezbatere la Senat, Senatul e prima camera sesizata, cu data de 28 februarie 2024
Initiatori:  Dan Tanasa, AUR


Noutati economie digitala - Daily Digest 01.03.2024

Stadiu: -
Initiatori:  MF, MMPS, ANOFM, ANPC, DNSC, Parlamentul, Comisia, Eurostat


Proposal for a directive for revision of the Directive on Driving Licences COM(2023) 127 final

Stadiu:  European Parliament adopted its position on the initiative, with 339 votes in favour, 240 against and 37 abstentions, 28 February 2024
Initiatori:  European Commission


Propunere legislativă pentru modificarea și completarea Legii nr. 61/1991 pentru sancționarea faptelor de încălcare a unor norme de conviețuire socială, a ordinii și liniștii publice, B504/2023, L578/2023, PL-x 827/2023

Stadiu: trimitere la Presedintele României pentru promulgare, 2 martie 2024
Initiatori:  Alfred-Robert Simonis, deputat PSD, Ciprian-Constantin Serban, deputat PSD


Proposal for a Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence - COM(2022) 71 final

Stadiu:  European Parliament: Press conference with Lead MEP Lara Wolters, 28 February 2024
Initiatori:  European Commission


Ordin MADR 88/2024 privind aprobarea Procedurii de acordare și plată a ajutoarelor de stat în cadrul schemei de ajutor de stat „Creditul fermierului”

Stadiu: publicat in MO, partea I, nr 169, 1 martie 2024
Initiatori:  MADR


Proiect de lege nr. 29/2024 pentru aprobarea OUG 183/2022 privind stabilirea unor masuri pentru finantarea unor proiecte de regenerare urbana, B858/2022, L836/2022, Pl-x 101/2023

Stadiu: Promulgat de presedintele Romaniei, 29 februarie 2024
Initiatori:  MIPE

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