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Grayling CEE Outlook Report 2024

CEE AT A GLANCE: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The political scene in CEE is buzzing with likelihood of change and anticipation of future elections. Political elites and business from CEE are closely monitoring the European and US elections, which will have a significant impact on the political and economic landscape within the region. To provide more light on the matter, our expert teams have prepared the Grayling 2024 Outlook for CEE Report, summarising the key events in 2023 and forecasting the possible changes in 2024, and the years to come.Read More →

No honeymoon for the Cabinet of Social Democrat Marcel Ciolacu

It was supposed to be an impressive hit-the-ground-running start of the term for the Cabinet of Social Democrat Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu. In his very first days in office, in June, PSD’s Ciolacu summoned retailers to agree to lower prices for basic products - and thus tackle inflation; and boarded a line flight to meet his political friend, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a Social Democrat himself. But before reaping the benefits on his quick wins, the political heatwave hit.Read More →

Grayling AcTrend Report 2022

1,437 primary legislation acts were approved in the eight CEE countries between January 2022 and December 2022, Romania leading by far in quantitative terms. Compared to the figures of 5 to 10 years ago (2013-2017) we have witnessed a 14%* increase in the number of laws adopted by CEE countries. The ranking of the countries has not changed much over these years: Romania leads the way in terms of the volume of legislation passed, followed by Poland. In third place, Slovakia overtook Hungary. However, the overall increase in legislation was spearheaded by Romania’s total number of 573 primary legislation acts. In 2022 only Romania exceeded the 200-act milestone, while Poland, Slovakia and Croatia were above the 150 mark, Bulgaria slightly above the 100-act milestone, leaving Hungary, Czechia and Serbia below…Read More →